TV DOCUMENTARY ~ another life's dream come true

April 2012

Biggest, best news EVER! I've been approached by Minerva Media, a Manchester-based production company, to be the main Presenter/ Host for a documentary about the experiences of Medieval female mystics! This is precisely what my MA research at Harvard was about, and the documentary, which will film all over the world over the next few years, will air on the top network in the UK. We'll explore mystics like Margery of Kempe, Angela of Foligno and more, especially in light of the erotic nature of their experiences. Jean-Claude Bragard, the creative director of Minerva, worked at the BBC for many years and produced some of their most important documentaries. This is BEYOND exciting!!! We start filming the short taster version this summer and fall, fully funded by the TV network...


September 2010

I have just made a big change in my life, a bit scary and a bit sad, but very positive and optimistic. I'm going to embrace my performance career -- singing, acting and modelling, as well as being a diversity activist -- full time. I'm really looking forward to the future, so many amazing things have come my way in the last 6 months... onwards and upwards!

I am also now officially a Founder and Producer at HIDden Theatre!

Trinacria Productions!

April 2010

Announcing the official launch of Trinacria Productions! collaboration across the arts - a facilitating network. Sue and her partner have co-founded a new artists' network. We are a York, UK based consortium of artists, collaborating between different art forms and disciplines, in order to create new and unique artistic expressions. We have a generous and expansive view of arts and creativity, exploring where they overlap, with an emphasis on collaboration. Find out more at our website and Facebook page.

Sensorium Publicity

December 2009

All the publicity for Sensorium is out, and everything looks terrific. Sensorium presents a diverse evening of interactive visual, aural and haptic installation work and performances designed to stimulate the senses. Experience a series of immersive, cross-media artworks presented within winding paths and pockets of light in the Guildhall, York. I will give the world-premiere of noitcelfeRReflection by Emily Kalies, and my husband will contribute the graphic and digital art to another installation by Ms. Kalies. For more information, find us on Facebook, and explore our website and a preview in The Press.