Suzanne Fatta

French-English Publications

October 2014

In triple Franco-Anglo news, I'm being featured in some great magazines this winter: as a model as well as an author with a bilingual article on fat shaming and body issues in opera in Alizé La Vie; then a commissioned editorial on revolutions in women's fashion for Paris-based Ronde & Glamour; and finally an amazing, touching interview I did with a local Buffalonian for the SCAR Project will be out in winter 2015 Black & White issue of bilingual Volup2 - Paris-based magazine founded by WNY-native Velvet d'Amour.



One hell of a week!

September 2014

So much amazing news has come in this week! To start, I am beyond elated to be performing onstage with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra in Bartok's chamber opera Bluebeard's Castle. The stunning set from the Seattle production is by Dale Chihuly! Read more about this amazing collaboration in The NewsBusiness FirstArtvoice and Buffalo Rising.

In equally amazing news, I've been selected to walk in Uptown Fashion Week in NYC, in the first-ever Plus Showcase for this high fashion, avant-garde show. Read this article in the NY Daily News about the high profile event! Check out my Press page for the latest video and image links.

In the meantime, I'm being flown out to NYC this weekend (during MBNYFW no less) for my fit model job - the designer is in from LA! And to wrap it up? A few smaller job offers including opera roles (more info soon), blogging, and another magazine cover...

Magazine cover, interviews, and more

Exciting news - I'm on the COVER of Rack Plus Magazine, with an interview and fashion spread inside! It's a summer breeze issue... check me out in the red bathing suit. You can purchase a copy here, and view the online digital version here. And I'm very pleased my image was published in the Empire issue of Surreal Beauty Magazine. And huge thanks to Kathleen at Curves Illustrated for creating this curvy sketch of the photo.

HIDden's triumph at The York Mystery Plays

July 2014

HIDden Theatre had a very busy summer, with some incredible announcements coming soon! In the meantime, check out some great PR for The Baptism (more details on our Press & Media page). We are elated for this excellent review and lead photo in The Express: "I would pick...The Baptism... as the best presented and performed play[s]." HIDden is very proud to be prominently featured by the BBC, online with lead photo and TV with interviews, as well. And for me as a performer, my anechoic recording of the chant 'Ascendo ad patrem meum' was featured at the sound installation Hearing the Mystery Plays - this project recreates the aural world of specific Mystery Plays using virtual models, state of the art recording techniques, and some creativity in the Medieval streets of York.

Foreboding nuns, angry witches and other fun stuff in opera

June 2014

On November 21 and 22, I'm singing the lead role of Madame de Croissy (Contralto) in Opera Sacra's production ofDialogues des carmélites (in English). This kicks off their 40th Anniversary year; Carmelites was Opera Sacra's first production 40 years ago, so I'm proud to be a part of this great event -- one of my favorite composers no less! UPDATE: I'm no longer singing Friday 26th September for The Opera Foundation of Buffalo, Inc's Fall Spanish-themed concert. Please go and support this wonderful group!

And for my third Lecture during National Opera Week for OperaBuffs of WNY? I'm presenting on portrayals of witchcraft, magic and folk religions in opera; and singing arias from Ulrica, Dido's Sorceress, and Carmen reading the tarot cards. A good thing for the morning after Halloween... see you there, Wayward Sisters.

Magazine collaborations

June 2014

Good news - I'm a staff writer for Alizé La Vie Magazine, a bilingual print and online publication based in NYC and Paris. In addition, I'll be featured in an interview and fashion spread in an upcoming issue. Representatives from the magazine approached me in Paris after the Pulp'Fashion Week show, so this is very exciting! My first article on the spate of critical fat shaming in opera will be published in Autumn 2014.

Paris agency rep

May 2014

I'm now officially represented by Agence Plus in Paris, one of the top plus agencies in the world! I booked a lot of wonderful work in Paris during the week, and will be posting the photos, links, events and publications from the event onto my Press page. A dream come true... I'll be back this summer for more model work! Check out my portfolio on the agency page here.