French-English Publications

October 2014

In triple Franco-Anglo news, I'm being featured in some great magazines this winter: as a model as well as an author with a bilingual article on fat shaming and body issues in opera in Alizé La Vie; then a commissioned editorial on revolutions in women's fashion for Paris-based Ronde & Glamour; and finally an amazing, touching interview I did with a local Buffalonian for the SCAR Project will be out in winter 2015 Black & White issue of bilingual Volup2 - Paris-based magazine founded by WNY-native Velvet d'Amour.



Magazine collaborations

June 2014

Good news - I'm a staff writer for Alizé La Vie Magazine, a bilingual print and online publication based in NYC and Paris. In addition, I'll be featured in an interview and fashion spread in an upcoming issue. Representatives from the magazine approached me in Paris after the Pulp'Fashion Week show, so this is very exciting! My first article on the spate of critical fat shaming in opera will be published in Autumn 2014.

Euro News... Paris!

January 2014

I am beyond elated to tell you I'm walking in a major international fashion show in Paris this spring! Ma tête tourne. Pulp'Fashion Week Paris organized by Histoire de Courbes gets serious press around the world, with some of the top plus designers and models in Europe, so I am jumping for joy! Ah, April (and May) in Paris... In addition, the drama company I Co-Founded, HIDden Theatre, is invited back to the York Mystery Plays 2014. HIDden will present The Baptism on one of the coveted wagons in this amazing event. Finally, the book presenting the research upon whichVivaldi's Women is based, Micky White's Antonio Vivaldi: A Life in Documents, is now available for purchase. The group will go on a book tour of England, I'll join them later this year in Venice.

Magic manic model month

July 2013

I've been lucky to book some amazing fashion work this month, with more to be announced shortly! First, I've been appointed the Managing Editor of Fashion Maniac, a WNY-based fashion, beauty & lifestyle web magazine, producing articles, editorial photo-shoots, industry breaking news, collection reviews, and designer profiles. I'm also the official east coast American correspondent for VOL•UP•2, an amazing high fashion magazine out of Paris celebrating curves and diveristy, founded by superstar plus model and Rochester native Velvet d'Amour. I'll be covering New York and Florida for now... I'm so pleased to be on board for both publications, this is very exciting! For modeling, I'm walking in these shows: F.I.T. Connecting the Dots Sustainable Fashion Show; walking AND performing an opera aria at the 7 Chances Charity Runway on the Water on the historic USS Sullivan Battleship in Buffalo Harbor; Báles Clothing's Premiere FAMErunway show during Mercedes-Benz Buffalo Fashion Week with lookbook shoot/ press call; and 1426 Fashion Week in Miami!

Web Appearances

May 2011

I appear on websites of stylists and other fashion industry professionals with whom I've worked lately: photographerJackie Clitheroe who took my old Hollywood glamour photos; photographer Michael Cheetham produced my old Comp Cards; I'm the featured model on the Events page for make-up artist Natalie Greenwell; and you can see images from my session with stylist Riccardo Hoyte.

Model Madness!

April 2011

This is Model Madness Month! In April alone, I am shooting for More! Magazine and Diva Magazine; I walked in the Fashion City York show and was the only model praised and mentioned by name by the compere/ MC; I'm the new Face of a forthcoming plus clothing company (very high profile so I have to keep the details secret until the launch); finally, I portrayed Catherine Deneuve and Sophia Loren in a Hollywood glamour shoot! Sometime this summer I'll be flying to the Riviera for a St. Tropez yacht shoot, and my postponed Evolve Magazine cover and feature shoot should be soon. You can read the article about FCY and see my photos in The York Press, and view the video from Fashion City York here (I am featured at minute 3 on):

Fashion City York

February 2011

York City Council announces Fashion City York, founded to celebrate York as a unique fashion destination. The owner of Swirl Clothing has asked me to sport their designs in the catwalk show on April 2nd. While I'm very lucky to work in London, I think there is a lot of talent up here in Yorkshire, and I'm proud to be part of this event, click here to learn more.