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SOtto voce cleveland review


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Strutter interview


3 major fashion spreads

  • April 2017 ~ I'm super proud of the fabulous editorial spreads I've gotten this spring in iDare, SKORCH and Billie Blunt Magazines! Click on the links to see more...


Blog feature


Mallonée premiere in artvoice


climb on interview for ms awareness month

  • March 2017 ~ Please read my interview with the Climb On Foundation and its Founder, Wendy Booker, for MS Awareness Month. In "MS Strong and Beautiful" I speak about the first year since my diagnoses: "Stand your ground! Do your research, use your intellect and your instinct, get second opinions, listen to your body. It's your health and your MS. It took me far, far longer to get Dxed than most, so I *earned* it. It's MY MS."


Article on Fat Shaming in opera is out

  • February 2017 ~ My article in AlizéLaVie Magazine "What If There’s No Fat Lady? The Recent Trend Of Critical Fat Shaming In Opera" is published! Subscribe to the current issue for free here to read the whole article and the other fabulous features in this global lifestyle publication. An excerpt: "I am pointing out that opera is also a visual medium and the singing body should count – a little... We have to stop automatically equating thinness with health! Most professional opera singers are very healthy no matter their weight – their hearts pump more efficiently, their lungs use oxygen better, their core muscle strength is unbeatable."


TV SPOT on disability march


my mirabella mag article

  • December 2016 ~ It's great to be writing again, and especially to be published in a print magazine. At the EIC's request, I authored the article "The Industry, The Fight, The Change" on emerging trends in the plus industry, published in the Winter 2016 issue of Mirabella Magazine.




GirlTalk HQ interview


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my bodylove interview

  • September 2016 ~ Here's my media interview with BodyLove by Silvana Denker sponsor Happy Size, about why I am participating in the incredible Times Square event. I speak about the impact on folks at large as well as myself as a chronic diseases sufferer. Thanks to Happy Size for their kind words! "Carmina bringt die außerordentliche Entwicklung der BodyLove-Kampagne bishin zum Timessqare zur New York FashionWeek, in ihrem Statement sehr schön auf den Punkt. Hört selbst warum sie sich in New York zeigte."


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plus Model Magazine spotlight model feature & health info

  • August 2016 ~ I am elated to be featured in the #1 publication in the entire plus industry, PLUS Model Magazine, as their Spotlight Model August '16. Thanks to Tiffany Bank and Marcy Cruz for their sensitivity as I speak about my recent diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis, and another rare neurological disorder. "Carmina spoke with PMM Contributor Tiffany Bank about why she became a plus size model, what the plus industry is like in her area, where does she see herself in a year and more. But what really sets this feature apart from past ones is that Carmina also gets candid about being diagnosed with MS and how it has affected her career. We are so inspired by her story and think you will be too — she tells us, 'I was put on this earth with a broken body to help others love theirs.'”



  • July 2016 ~ Here's a second Buffalo Mag interview about folks who live in the Queen City but travel for work. I'm very lucky I have such a wonderful place as my homebase, but still model & sing in Paris, London, NYC, LA and more. "Certain lines of work lend themselves to traveling work schedules. For international model Carmina Suzanne, also known as Suzanne Fatta for her work on the opera stage, coming home to Buffalo allows her to experience the region’s renaissance and stay close to family. 'I get to work in amazing cities, and don’t have to live where it’s incredibly expensive and maybe less safe,' she says. 'In Buffalo I get to live in a wonderful city with low cost of living and high quality of life.'”


Buffalo magazine interview

  • June 2016 ~ Cherie Messore interviewed me, as Founder of MODAL Productions, in Buffalo Magazine on budget-friendly shopping at vintage and consignment stores. "Suzanne Fatta, a model and CEO of MODAL Productions, a fashion and music-mentoring firm, agrees that consignment shopping is a fashionista’s best friend. 'A smart store owner follows the latest fashion trends and is buying and selling pieces that can be styled along with those trends in a budget-friendly way,' said Fatta."


ELD in skorch magazine


EMBERLYNN Press release

  • February 2016 ~ Via PR Web: Ember Lynn Designs Makes Powerful Entrance into Plus-Size Fashion. The high-end fashion brand for full-figured women, Ember Lynn Designs, debuted their latest couture collections at an exclusive launch party and fashion show. The runway show featured an array of high-end, fashion-forward designs, worn by top plus-size models from Los Angeles and New York.


Emberlynn launch film is out


Magazine cover #4


Opera Day radio interview


VOLUP2 ARTICLE on vivaldi's women

  • October 2015 ~ My worlds have collided ~ model, opera singer, author, diversity advocate, gender researcher... Read my full article (in both French & English) in VOLUP2 Magazine's REBEL issue on Vivaldi's Women, Low Voiced Females and the world's foremost Female Bass Margaret Jackson-Roberts. I had the great pleasure of singing with this world-famous group as a Bass; I fight for Low Voiced Females with the same passion I do diverse models... and they face much of the same prejudice. High res screencaps are here.




Video for Alizé La Vie Magazine




Vocalis welcomes ola gjeilo


Slow mo hair flip video


Buffalo Rising with live mannequins


What It Takes Featured Model

  • April 2015 ~ Thanks to What It Takes Model, Health & Beauty Events for making me their Featured Talent Of The Week! "Carmina is dedicated to mentoring young models and shaping them for the business and professional demands of the fashion industry. She's also keen to grow a healthy, vibrant, diverse fashion scene in CNY and WNY! To this end, she'll be signing with AMS Models & Talent in Syracuse this month. She says, "Through my company MODAL and my own modeling work, my goal is to create a professional, high quality, artistic and diverse fashion scene in Buffalo and more!'"


evolution zen catwalk footage


Feature on Sing Well

  • April 2015 ~ I'm honored to be a featured singer at Sing Well, a community of artists who support each other by sharing their vocal experiences and health tips. Sing Well is sponsored by the Voice & Swallowing Institute at New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai NYC. Check out my posting and my 3 Tips for Vocal Health here: Be Kind To Your Instrument, Hydrate & Lubricate, Adjust Your Singing Style As Needed. "A professional singer, model, scholar, actress and more, Suzanne is a star in many ways. A contralto, she performed bass with the world-famous Vivaldi's Women. Today she shares her top advice for aspiring and established singers everywhere."


Volup2 interview with Candice

  • April 2015 ~ I'm very proud that my interview with Candice in Volup2 Magazine is out! Candice (a fellow Buffalo Gal) is a young breast-cancer survivor, deaf advocate, mother and art teacher. Learn more about her and David Jay's amazing world-wide exhibition The SCAR Project. You can read my article and view this issue online for free at, page 240-3 (view it here as well).


Venus & adonis review

  • March 2015 ~ Thanks to Peter Hall for giving our Buffalo Chamber Players production of Venus & Adonis 4 out of 5 Buffalos in this Buffalo Rising review: "Vocalis, including their artistic director James Burritt, provided an exceptionally strong chorus... As noted, [BCP Director Janz] Castelo has plucked from some of the city of Buffalo’s finest arts organizations."


Blog interview & article out

  • March 2015 ~ I'm working with Buff State Journalism and Creative Writing student Briana Mangum on a long-term plus modeling and fashion project. Check out this blog interview with her, and a longer article (part of her curricular submission) on her website


Press for Paralysing the Boys


Ronde et glamour Magazine

  • March 2015 ~ My commissioned editorial in Paris-based magazine Ronde et Glamour is out (Revolution issue #01 Février 2015)! View the photo album here. This all-Buffalo team rocked it all the way to Paris: images, SHUTTERKAT Photography; stylist, Adrian McAdory; wardrobe/ accessories, Yar Mo's Muse, SaiOne Elmwood, OMI Angel Rodriguez, Atelier Piras; MU, Jasmine Robinson; hair, BeYoutiful Transformations.


POSE Magazine

  • December 2014 ~ I'm very excited for this 8-image, 10-page spread in plus lifestyle mag POSE Magazine Jan 2015! Featuring some of the amazing talent we have here in WNY: Images, SHUTTERKAT Photography; MU, Danielle DePriest; hair, Erica Calostipes; styling/ accessories, Lexie Furlong of Blush; jewelry by Vania and David. View the album here and the magazine here.


716 shoot with Angelea, Buffalo Rising article


TV interviews from Pulp'Fashion Week - hubby too!


Celebrating Curves ~ Inside Pulp'Fashion Week international documentary

  • November 2014 ~ After a screening Press Day in Paris at Pulp Up The Show! organised by Histoires de Courbes, the documentary Celebrating Curves ~ Inside Pulp'Fashion Week is now out! Documenting the first 2 editions of Pulp'Fashion Week Paris, which took the plus world by storm, it is directed by Fred Ambroisine & Aurélie Palomita. I'm featured very prominently in the film and all the press: My interviews are at 1:15, 2:10, 7:40, 9:25, 11:40, 17:05, 19:45, 21:25, 31:00, 38:55, 39:45 and 41:20 (with lots of catwalk footage 33' - 38'). Watch it here.


Press for Dialogues of the Carmelites


National press for Opera Week 2014


Review of Bluebeard's Castle


Press films of Uptown Fashion Week

  • September 2014 ~ Watch me rip the runway for top designer Serita Bell and speak in this media interview about the plus industry at Uptown Fashion Week in NYC. The garment I wore for her was beyond stunning: view images here and here - I got major applause, beat out all the other girls vying for this dress, and sold three pieces for the designer! Read this review in Latin Trends about the show, I'm a featured model. View my interview & walk here, and some additional footage here!


Hear hear - I'm a COVER GIRL!

  • August 2014 ~ I got the cover of Rack Plus Magazine, with an interview and fashion spread inside! You can view the cover here, some of the inner layout here, purchase a copy here, and view the online digital version here.


Surreal Magazine & fan art


Fashion interview out

  • July 2014 ~ Here's a new interview with me by Julie Foser. The image is by the blogger/ photographer herself, down at Delaware Park's Japanese Gardens while there were still ice crystals on the trees.


Fashion Maniac articles


Spring magazine publications


Blog interview


Worldwide press for Paris Plus Fashion Week


Geico Careers TV & radio commercial

  • February 2014 ~ The advert I shot for for called 'Growth and Stability' with HomeRun Creative is now released! It's airing throughout WNY on TV and radio, nationally on the Geico YouTube channel, and on national TV in Iowa & Central Georgia. You can see my audition video here, and the commercial here.


Blog modeling feature


Radio Interview: National Opera Week 2013

  • October 2013 ~ I speak with Peter Hall at WNED Classical 94.5 about many of the great events taking place in WNY, including my own lecture on Nov 2nd, during National Opera Week 2013.


Featured model in Forged in Buffalo


Wonderful Things premiere

  • September 2013 ~ Here is composer FL Dunkin Wedd's page on a set I commissioned for female trio, in Anglo-Saxon (A-S texts from the Exeter Riddle Book) Wonderful Things Hrægl min swigað - Ic eom wunderlicu wiht - Ic waes faemne geong. "These pieces were written at the suggestion of Suzanne Fatta, and intended for her amazing contralto profundo voice. Hence the use of the bass clef. They are dedicated to her, and to Michael Drout, with grateful thanks." First performance: 2 August 2013; Feminist Theory and Music Conference at Hamilton College, Clinton NY; Suzanne Fatta, Julie Cross and Katherine Ciesinski; "Vivaldi’s Women: Suppression and Revival of Low Female Singing Voice."


Give & Take trailer

  • July 2013 ~ The first trailer for Give & Take has been released - check it out here!


Snarky radio interview


Interview in Buffalo Rising


Opera recital radio interview


Radio Interviews on Lauridsen


Voice-Over commercial

  • January 2013 ~ I did this very quick and dirty Voice Over for Dave Butler Events, edited by Paul Martin. Prop Magic is an 'on the cheap' workshop for the local stage/film community in Buffalo and Western New York. Check it out here!


My IMDB Pro profile


Opera Week in WNY

  • October 2012 ~ The Buffalo News ran an article about Opera Week WNY 2012 in WNY; and there's also some info about mine and nation-wide events on the blog Operagasm. You can hear my 2 radio interviews with WNED 94.5 Classical FM's Peter Hall here. And there's a small write-up about me in Artvoice. Here's another article in Forever Young about National Opera Week 2012 in Western New York. Past performances of Nickel City Opera are highlighted, along with a run-down of all events for Opera Week, as well as many other opera, classical and jazz events for the remainder of the 2012-13 season. Visit Celebrate Opera WNY for the master schedule.


Lioness Magazine Cover Model!

  • September 2012 ~ Amazing news - I was put on the cover of Lioness Magazine, thanks to my friends at Plus Model 411! "Lioness Magazine is the first online magazine of its kind geared toward female entrepreneurs. We deliver sharp and compelling information on a variety of topics that are relevant to female entrepreneurs and professionals. Our mission is to elevate, educate and support female professionals. We celebrate the unique challenges and achievements of women in business. We believe women are multi-dimensional creations who flourish, personally and professionally, when they take time to nurture their spirits. Lioness Magazine was established in 2011 to help feed the flames of passion in women. We aspire to inspire women in to unleash the Lioness within." See the cover image and more in the Gallery on my Modeling page. Read more about the connection between Plus Model 411 and Lioness here, and read the press release here.


Model of the Week at Rack Magazine

  • September 2012 ~ I was chosen as Model Of The Week at Rack Magazine, a lifestyle and fashion magazine for curvy women around the world. The image was taken by amazing high fashion London photographer Steven Brown, and top-notch make-up and hair artistry by Sarah Rumsey.


Cassandra's Cleaning film

  • August 2012 ~ I play the lead role of Cassandra in this student short, made in association with York St John University; written and directed by Alex Hampson. Yet another film where I play a murderous harpie! Catch me in action here!


HIDden Theatre and York Mystery Plays 2012

  • August 2012 ~ HIDden Theatre co-produced a performance of Noah for the 2012 York Mystery Plays. The performance included live doves and even a raven from the Tower of London! Charles Hunt directed for the resurrected Fishers and Mariners Guild; read more about the production in the York Press. You can view lots of photos and learn more about The Noah Project here.


Draw premieres at 48 Hour Film Fest

  • August 2012 ~ As part of the Buffalo 48 Hour Film Festival, I featured as Maxine in the short film Draw, produced by NDstudios. Each movie must take no more than 48 hours from conception to submission, include a cartoonist named Chantal or Charles Harvey, a wallet, the line "What can I do to help?" and a genre; ours was Fantasy. All the feedback has been very strong so far, so hopefully we'll get voted onto the next round. Watch the video here.


Model recommendation

  • July 2012 ~ My Help for Heroes 2013 Hollywood Glamour Charity Calendar will be released this month, and I've been given this recommendation from the project's artistic director: "Suzanne is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is confident, enthusiatic, has a fun and bubbly personality and follows direction well, which has resulted in some great photographic images for the charity calendar we have been working on. I would definitely work with her again and would highly recommend her to others."


Interview in Fashion Police News

  • June 2012 ~ Please read this interview with Fashion Police News! It's run by Mr. Fierce, aka Catwalk Proffesor (sic), who has been voted the #1 Catwalk Trainer in the UK for a few years running, I've been really lucky to train with and get to know him.


Designer's recommendation

  • June 2012 ~ Amanda Barnes, designer of Style Personified, has given me this kind quote of support: "Suzanne was hired to work on a fashion shoot for an online fashion company. She was great to work with, and got along with everyone. Turned up on time (was actually early) and followed directions well, organised herself well. Stayed untill the end of the shoot. Great to work with, very professional and I would strongly recommend her for future work!"


Plus Model 411 Interview

  • May 2012 ~ I'm a Featured Model on Plus Model 411 - check out my interview, find modeling tips, and meet other up & comers in the plus industry.


Stylist's recommendation

  • May 2012 ~ This quote of recommendation was given by Susan Watkins, Personal Stylist & Fashion Consultant. Suzze has worked all over the UK and Spain as a designer, stylist, shopper, buyer and retail executive, and you'll find some images of me on her website: "As a fashion stylist I have worked with many models, but few have the dedication, patience and professional attitude I experienced with Suzanne. As a plus model she is experienced, confident, and willing to experiment in the varying areas of fashion, which is refreshing. A diverse and multi-talented model with a portfolio to be proud of, I would recommend Suzanne to anyone!"


Connor's Story Film

  • May 2012 ~ Please watch this short film Connor's Story Everybody Deserves Someone produced by ITV Fixers for The Public Service Broadcasting Trust. It's a very moving story and I'm proud to have had a small role working with this impressive young man -- his goal is to attend University in the USA and become a pro football coach, mentoring young people.



  • May 2012 ~ Here's a selection from noitcelfeRReflection by composer Emily Kalies; this DVD recording was done in July 2011 for PhD submission, but the piece has been performed many times around the UK since its premiere at Sensorium in January 2010. Texts come from The Pillow Book and contemporary female writers in the form of a diary or journal. The live performer interacts in a collaborative and improvisatory manner with the audio and video, which mirrors the characters in her own fragmentary persona. Background vocals by Mary E. Larew, Robin Bier and Graham Bier; backing video by Rachel Saunders and Fiona Bianchi. Watch the video here.


Plus Retro Magazine shoot

  • April 2012 ~ I joined fellow plus models Ciara and Charlotte for this fabulous vintage shoot with Jude Gidney. Hair Phoebe Caramitsos, MUA Paula Martinez, designers Limb and Paula Martiniez. Check out the blog from the shoot here, and you can also enjoy this little video of the shoot.


Behind the scenes at Coast shoot

  • April 2012 ~ Super stylist Suzze has blogged about my shoot for Coast Clothing in Rowntrees Park, York - even though it was freezing, a good model never lets on! You can view the images here as well.


Board of Nickel City Opera

  • April 2012 ~ I'm excited that I've recently been appointed to the Board of Directors of Nickel City Opera, which was founded by WNY native and Met baritone Valerian Ruminski. Read more on the website and in this press release.


Model quote of recommendation

  • March 2012 ~ Here's a lovely recommendation from Scarlett S, a stunning model and journalist in London; "Intelligent, beautiful, down to earth and brilliant, would completely recommend working with the lovely Suzanne!"


BBEH footage

  • January 2012 ~ The British Bridal Exhibition Harrogate is the largest bridal fair in all of Europe, and I was very pleased to be one of the 4 plus models in the entire event this past Sept 2011. Here is the official footage of the Finale show, you can see me walking for Bonny Bridal Unforgettable in this video, or in a shortened segment here.


Curves in Couture film

  • January 2012 ~ Here is Part I of III of the film footage from Curves in Couture, most images by Alessandro Capoccetti. You can see me from 4.14 - 4.35 and again from 7.30 - the end. In addition to being one of the models in The Diversity Show, I was also main Event Manager for the entire show, bringing in lots of sponsorship, models, donors, designers, VIPs, celeb guests, sponsors and press. Pretty cool! Check it out here!


Lookbook photoshoot video

  • January 2012 ~ I feature in this promotional video for London-based plus clothing designer Carolyn de la Drapiere. All photos by Alessandro Capoccetti -- also enjoy Carolyn's designs on the catwalk at Curves in Couture.


Director recommendation

  • December 2011 ~ Film director/ movie maker John Fletch of Hash Two Films and I will be working together in the future, and here's what he had to say about me: "Suzanne was an absolute joy to work with. She has a superb attitude, is punctual and a consummate professional. She has very good acting skills, takes direction easily and I would recommend her to anyone!"


Interviews for MoD

  • October 2011 ~ Here are some interviews I've conducted for Models of Diversity from April 2010 - December 2011, read and enjoy: a report on London Fashion Week (Sept 2011) SS/12 Mark Fast show at the personal invite of the CEO of the BFC; Jill Alexander, top American plus-size clothing designer; and Cher Rue, actress, promoter, humanitarian, and advocate for the plus community.


Magazine spread is out

  • August 2011 ~ My fashion spread in Just as Beautiful Magazine is now available through their website. I appear on the cover as well as inside the pages in the 'Going South' shoot.


AntiBody interview

  • August 2011 ~ I've been interviewed in the inaugural issue of AntiBody, a digital magazine focusing primarily on helping promote emerging creative talent, and showcase work of a wide variety of artistic collaborations. You can read my interview on pages 42 - 53 here or here, depending on your browser.


Miss Lacy website is live

  • July 2011 ~ Up & coming designer on the London scene Erin Lacy has launched her boutique website, providing fashion-forward designs for sizes 16 - 26. I'm one of her featured models as the Face of the campaign. You can check out pieces from her A/W 12 collection here. I'm also featured on the Curvy Magazine blog write-up on Erin.


Urbanity Chic interview

  • July 2011 ~ Here is what the Editors at Urbanity Chic Magazine had to say about my spotlight interview; "At Urbanity Chic we believe that Suzanne’s endless array of talents and drive to succeed in the fashion world will ensure that she will enjoy continued success in her modeling and other ventures in the coming months and years." Please read the entire profile here.


Interview with top male model on Fashion's Finest

  • June 2011 ~ I'm very pleased to have my interview with Ngoli Okafor for Models of Diversity published on Fashion's Finest. Read the article to find out more about Ngo, the most downloaded black male model in the world; we have an honest discussion about racism in the fashion industry. It was also published in South Africa's Tropics Magazine!


Behind the scenes at Diva Magazine shoot

  • June 2011 ~ Lauren Ding, an award-winning top blogger, wrote an awesome behind-the-scenes blog about our Diva Magazine shoot on Pocket Rocket Fashion. Lauren was the stylist for the shoot, and got us amazing pieces from Anna Scholz, Tatty Devine, Style 369, and Irregular Choice. The images appeared in the "Bright and Beautiful" spread for which I was the lead model, in the July 2011 issue.


Behind the scenes at Going South

  • May 2011 ~ Brilliant photographer James Lyon posted this blog about the Models of Diversity/ Sinclair Management shoot entitled 'Going South,' featuring the easy breezy urban summer style of the 1970s. Shot on location at Waterloo and South Bank, London, I wear designs by up and coming plus designer Miss Lacy, as well as outfits from Next and New Look. These images appear in the Fall 2011 issue of Just as Beautiful Magazine.


Fashion City York

  • April 2011 ~ I walked in the Fashion City York catwalk show and was the only model praised and mentioned by name by the compere/ MC. You can read the article about FCY and see my photos in The York Press here and here, and view the video from Fashion City York (I am featured at minute 3 on).


noitcelfeRReflection review

  • March 2011 ~ "Striking. A really beautiful section...really clever." This comes comes from a review of my noitcelfeRReflection recording broadcast in Dublin.


Italian press about MoD

  • February 2011 ~ Here's an article (in Italian) about Models of Diversity, my involvement in bringing MoD to Italy, and dear friend of the campaign Alessandro Capoccetti.


Oxford Fashion Week

  • January 2011 ~ Models of Diversity TV made this video about the casting call for our Oxford Fashion Week show. I feature in a little role starting around 50 seconds in… enjoy!


York Mystery Plays 2010


HIDden Theatre press release

  • December 2010 ~ My theatre company HIDden Theatre gave its debut performance at The British Museum in London on 13 December, but here is some information about our local debut in York a few days later.


Bananana Film

  • October 2010 ~ Draco Films 2010 presents student film Bananana. Director: TomTom; Writer: Alice Hagan-Brown; Director of Photography: Aaron Cho; Producer: Madina Altynbayeva. I play the lead role of a dumb actress-model/ Bettie Page wanna-be; the film plays with conventions of the genre to 'take the piss' out of poor photo shoots. View the finished film here.


Article written for the RMA


Italian press on Monteverdi Vespers

  • September 2010 ~ Here's a press release in Italian about our performance of the Monteverdi Vespers on the 400th anniversary of its publication, in the Frari standing on the maestro's tomb. From what we can tell, ours was the only performance in the whole of Venice in 2010.


BBC Radio interview

  • August 2010 ~ Here is an interview I gave with Liz Green of BBC Radio Leeds about plus-sized models, listen in and let me know your views…


Minster FM radio interview

  • July 2010 ~ Listen to this snippet of my interview with Minster Radio FM 104.7 about Models of Diversity's launch event 'An Evening of Diversity,' where I walked along with 4 other plus models. I let the York community know about the event and invite debate about discrimination in fashion.


Models of Diversity launch show

  • July 2010 ~ On 29 July, Models of Diversity presented 'An Evening of Diversity' at the Millennium Hotel, Knightsbridge London, featuring plus-sized, disabled, mature, and petite models of all colours. View this film about the show produced by Gonzo TV, and read the blog of Aga Moodley who styled the plus models.


SPAV's DVD is released for sale!


BAROCCA press release

  • February 2010 ~ Here is the press release for Barocca, an innovative cross-European performance that I produced and starred in. The performance was cancelled at the last minute due to a death, which was so sad. BAROCCA is an innovative all-female production combining Baroque music, light staging, period continuo and a stunning multimedia dramatic presentation. It features Giovan Battista Pergolesi's sacred choral masterpiece 'Stabat Mater,' Antonio Vivaldi's cantata 'Nulla in mundo, pax sincera,' and Claudio Monteverdi's semi-opera 'Il Combattimento di Tancredi & Clorinda,' and will be performed by a cast of women -- including the Tenors, Baritones and Basses -- from the UK, America, Canada, Greece, Italy, and Hong Kong. The orchestra featured Baroque strings, harpsichord and lute.


Life's dream come true

  • February 2010 ~ One of the biggest dreams of my entire life was to sing with Neil Finn on stage, and this is just what happened! Neil, in solo gigs and with Crowded House, would sometimes pull a fan up on stage, so it seemed possible that one day it could be me... and hot diggity damn, it came true. You can view one of the very happiest moments of my life here in this video. And if that wasn't sweet enough? It's one of my very favorite Neil songs. 3 Feb 2010, Bush Hall (London).


Hall of Harmonies

  • February 2010 ~ I was featured in the print and film press for Hall of Harmonies at the National Railway Museum, promoted by the University of York, with Javanese gamelan, brass and singers performing a huge range of music, from sections of Monteverdi's choral masterpiece, the Vespers of 1610, to popular Japanese melodies and new pieces written especially for the occasion. I sang the Tenor solo "Nigra sum" from the Vespers starting from under one of the trains! Read these previews in the Yorkshire Post and York Press.


The show must go on... Reflection

  • January 2010 ~ Here is a sample of the world-premiere of noitcelfeRReflection at Sensorium on 6 January, 2010 at the Guildhall in York. Emily Kalies and I collaborated on this piece over the space of a year, and it's a good thing I knew the character so well, because the A/V for the piece died halfway through. The whole idea of the work was to have a live performer on stage interacting with the pre-recorded video and audio, which served as the fragments of my own persona. As Emily explains here, my experience as a performed and knowledge of the character allowed me to turn the piece from a multi-media interaction to a solo work.


Peter Ackroyd's Venice

  • January 2010 ~ Colonial Pictures for Sky Arts TV, featured Vivaldi's Women heavily in the documentary series Peter Ackroyd: Venice Revealed- view ‘Episode Three: The City as Music.' In this excerpt, learn more about female Tenors and Basses, and how Vivaldi worked with them at the Pietà.


Malta premiere review

  • October 2009 ~ My world-premiere performance of Ultime mie speranze by FL Dunkin Wedd, at the opening concert of the Festival Medieterranea in Gozo, Malta got a fantastic response from the audience, and a great mention in the press; "Another singer who likewise enthralled the audience with the intriguing capacities of the female voice was Suzanne Fatta, whom Richard introduced as a 'female baritone'". The composer said "What a range - you're a whole choir in one body aren't you?!" and "FANTASTIC! FANTASTIC! FANTASTIC! Brava, brava, brava!" about the premiere. And here is a mention from the official site of the BBC's Music Magazine.


SPAV promo video

  • August 2009 ~ Please watch this video to learn more about Schola Pietatis Antonio Vivaldi, our research methods and performance style. Based on the award-winning BBC broadcast Vivaldi's Women, this is a promotional video for our upcoming US Tour. If you're interested in bringing Vivaldi's Women to your city, then be sure to watch! You can also learn more about us in our own YouTube channel here.


SPAV summer festival reviews

  • July 2009 ~ SPAV's performance at the famous Chichester Festivities gained an excellent review in the Chichester press, as the most outstanding concert of the festival! "...Their period costumes make them look very authentic. The women cover the full traditional vocal range, soprano, alto, tenor and bass producing a beautiful combination of sounds. Their musicianship has great clarity and balance. They sang the famous Gloria with emphatic joy from the very first chords." Read more here. And we also got a great review from the Newbury Press for the Hungerford concert, which was described as "a privilege and a delight... singular and beautiful... faultless... marvellous." The review is called Baroque's Glorious Girlpower and says, "Then came the highlight of the evening, the popular 'Gloria' performed as never before, energetic and with dynamic contrast in every line..." with special praise for the power of the Tenors and Basses.


Opera director recommendation

  • January 2009 ~ This kind quote was given by Dr. Mary E. Larew, director of Viriditas Opera: "Suzanne has a rich lower register that expresses a unique and beautiful yearning. An accomplished choral singer with a good sense of blend, she is also a distinctive and memorable soloist. Suzanne's acting is charismatic yet sensitive, bringing characters to life with humor and poise in opera and masked drama. She shares her talent and dedicated work ethic generously in productions, bringing terrific energy and professionalism to the stage."


World-premiere of new opera Antigone

  • May 2008 ~ A selection from Act I of the world-premiere of Antigone, an opera for singers, strings, Javanese gamelan and Greek masks. Antigone, Cara Curran; Ismene, Suzanne Fatta; director, Mary E. Larew for Viriditas Opera; libretto, Seamus Heaney's translation of Sophocles; composer, Jon Hughes; with Gamelan Sekar Petak and Newton's Tree String Ensemble. The National Centre for Early Music, York, May 2008. Watch here!


My Jeopardy! statistics

  • September 2001 ~ The Jeopardy! archive shows these stats about my game, which was recorded 25 April 2001 and aired 18 September of that year. I was in the lead for a good portion of the game, and I didn't get a single question wrong until the Final. Mark, who won this show, went on to become a 5-time Champion, won the Tournament of Champs for that year, and then to the Ultimate Tournament of Champs from the whole history of the show, and also kicked butt (read some of Mark what had to say about it here.) Point being, it was a pleasure to lose to him -- we stayed in touch, and he blogged after his wins that I was one of the contestants who scared him the most! Watch this selection from the second round!