Trinacria Productions

HIDden Theatre

August 2010

The Head of Programming at the British Museum was so impressed with our performance in the York Mystery Plays, we have been invited to present Medieval Christmas dramas at the prestigious museum this December! Our new historical theatre troupe, HIDden Theatre, has asked my company Trinacria Productions to produce the event. I will also star in the plays as an actress! This is very exciting, and gratifying to know all our hard work in the mystery plays paid off.

Trinacria Productions!

April 2010

Announcing the official launch of Trinacria Productions! collaboration across the arts - a facilitating network. Sue and her partner have co-founded a new artists' network. We are a York, UK based consortium of artists, collaborating between different art forms and disciplines, in order to create new and unique artistic expressions. We have a generous and expansive view of arts and creativity, exploring where they overlap, with an emphasis on collaboration. Find out more at our website and Facebook page.