TV DOCUMENTARY ~ another life's dream come true

April 2012

Biggest, best news EVER! I've been approached by Minerva Media, a Manchester-based production company, to be the main Presenter/ Host for a documentary about the experiences of Medieval female mystics! This is precisely what my MA research at Harvard was about, and the documentary, which will film all over the world over the next few years, will air on the top network in the UK. We'll explore mystics like Margery of Kempe, Angela of Foligno and more, especially in light of the erotic nature of their experiences. Jean-Claude Bragard, the creative director of Minerva, worked at the BBC for many years and produced some of their most important documentaries. This is BEYOND exciting!!! We start filming the short taster version this summer and fall, fully funded by the TV network...

I'm signed to the top casting agency in the UK!

December 2011

GREAT NEWS - I am now officially represented by the #1 casting director in the UK, Mark Summers! I first became aware of Mark when he was a judge on BBC 3's Britain's Missing Top Model in which my friends Kelly and Debbie participated. When his agency decided to open their books, 2000 applied and 100 were accepted, so it's nice to be in the top 5% of something. Mark has personally cast some of the biggest media events in the world such as Michael Jackson's “This Is It” tour and now he's my agent, so this is very exciting.