HIDden's triumph at The York Mystery Plays

July 2014

HIDden Theatre had a very busy summer, with some incredible announcements coming soon! In the meantime, check out some great PR for The Baptism (more details on our Press & Media page). We are elated for this excellent review and lead photo in The Express: "I would pick...The Baptism... as the best presented and performed play[s]." HIDden is very proud to be prominently featured by the BBC, online with lead photo and TV with interviews, as well. And for me as a performer, my anechoic recording of the chant 'Ascendo ad patrem meum' was featured at the sound installation Hearing the Mystery Plays - this project recreates the aural world of specific Mystery Plays using virtual models, state of the art recording techniques, and some creativity in the Medieval streets of York.

The Geico Opera Diva is now national!

March 2014

The TV & radio advert I shot for for Geico Careers with HomeRun Creative is now released nationally. It's been playing throughout WNY on radio and television during prime time (The Simpsons, SNL, Cosmos 2014), picked up by Geico to run nationally on their Youtube Channel, airing nationally on TV in Iowa & Central Georgia, and the local Geico Careers YouTube page. Here's my audition video (as you can see, the hat was not my idea!)

Euro News... Paris!

January 2014

I am beyond elated to tell you I'm walking in a major international fashion show in Paris this spring! Ma tête tourne. Pulp'Fashion Week Paris organized by Histoire de Courbes gets serious press around the world, with some of the top plus designers and models in Europe, so I am jumping for joy! Ah, April (and May) in Paris... In addition, the drama company I Co-Founded, HIDden Theatre, is invited back to the York Mystery Plays 2014. HIDden will present The Baptism on one of the coveted wagons in this amazing event. Finally, the book presenting the research upon whichVivaldi's Women is based, Micky White's Antonio Vivaldi: A Life in Documents, is now available for purchase. The group will go on a book tour of England, I'll join them later this year in Venice.

Interviews, films & other bookings

July 2012

I’ve done some interviews with e-zines lately about plus modeling, check them out: Fashion Police News; and Plus Model 411. Also I've added lots of bookings, gigs, concerts and jobs to my Events Calendar with lots more coming soon. Most exciting, I've been cast in a lead role in the Buffalo 48 Hour Film Project, working with NDstudios! You can view the final film here. It was nominated for the Best of Buffalo/ Audience Award, which was so cool. Check back often for updates...

TV DOCUMENTARY ~ another life's dream come true

April 2012

Biggest, best news EVER! I've been approached by Minerva Media, a Manchester-based production company, to be the main Presenter/ Host for a documentary about the experiences of Medieval female mystics! This is precisely what my MA research at Harvard was about, and the documentary, which will film all over the world over the next few years, will air on the top network in the UK. We'll explore mystics like Margery of Kempe, Angela of Foligno and more, especially in light of the erotic nature of their experiences. Jean-Claude Bragard, the creative director of Minerva, worked at the BBC for many years and produced some of their most important documentaries. This is BEYOND exciting!!! We start filming the short taster version this summer and fall, fully funded by the TV network...

Movie filming and busiest week ever commences...

March 2012

This week alone -- I've been cast in the lead role in a short film called Cassandra's Cleaning, which will film around York all this week. In addition, I am submitting an abstract for an academic journal about the history of low female voices; I'm doing a magazine interview; lots of rehearsals & performance for a choral concert... and more great news to follow shortly!

New Agency & Bananana

September 2010

Great news from the world of modelling: I am now on the books at a great agency in London called Daniel Browne Street Agency.

Additionally, I was just cast in the lead role as The Model in a movie called Bananana, filming in London, which is set in the 1950s! I'm playing a Bettie Page-type actress. Principle photography starts this week, so stay tuned for more information...

HIDden Theatre

August 2010

The Head of Programming at the British Museum was so impressed with our performance in the York Mystery Plays, we have been invited to present Medieval Christmas dramas at the prestigious museum this December! Our new historical theatre troupe, HIDden Theatre, has asked my company Trinacria Productions to produce the event. I will also star in the plays as an actress! This is very exciting, and gratifying to know all our hard work in the mystery plays paid off.

York Mystery Plays

March 2010

The play's the thing... I have been cast in one of the lead roles in the 2010 York Mystery Plays. This event takes place only every 4 years, and I'm very excited to be a lead role in the play "The Transfiguration," as John the Apostle. On 11 and 18 July, and on 6 June at the York Carnival, The Lords of Misrule will perform the play four times in locations throughout town, including the Museum Gardens and Dean's Court, on a movable wagon! The York Mystery Cycle began as an expression of guild solidarity in York in 1376 and continued until 1568; the tradition was revived in 1951. See the Calendar and York Mystery Plays for more information - this event is held in conjunction with the York Early Music Festival.


June 2009

Sue will be featured in BAROCCA, which will premiere in the UK in the 2010 season. After fantastic reviews with a previous cast in Italy, we plan on performing this exciting and beautiful production in York, Oxford, France and Norway. BAROCCA, a multimedia Baroque dramatic extravaganza, is conceived of and directed by Gianmaria Romagnoli. Sue will sing the Alto solos in Pergolesi's Stabat Mater, and the role of Testo in Monteverdi's Il Combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda (Ottavo libro, Madrigali dei guerrieri ed amorosi). This all-female production will also include a Vivaldi cantata, complete with stunning visuals and gorgeous costumes.