HIDden Theatre

HIDden's triumph at The York Mystery Plays

July 2014

HIDden Theatre had a very busy summer, with some incredible announcements coming soon! In the meantime, check out some great PR for The Baptism (more details on our Press & Media page). We are elated for this excellent review and lead photo in The Express: "I would pick...The Baptism... as the best presented and performed play[s]." HIDden is very proud to be prominently featured by the BBC, online with lead photo and TV with interviews, as well. And for me as a performer, my anechoic recording of the chant 'Ascendo ad patrem meum' was featured at the sound installation Hearing the Mystery Plays - this project recreates the aural world of specific Mystery Plays using virtual models, state of the art recording techniques, and some creativity in the Medieval streets of York.

Euro News... Paris!

January 2014

I am beyond elated to tell you I'm walking in a major international fashion show in Paris this spring! Ma tête tourne. Pulp'Fashion Week Paris organized by Histoire de Courbes gets serious press around the world, with some of the top plus designers and models in Europe, so I am jumping for joy! Ah, April (and May) in Paris... In addition, the drama company I Co-Founded, HIDden Theatre, is invited back to the York Mystery Plays 2014. HIDden will present The Baptism on one of the coveted wagons in this amazing event. Finally, the book presenting the research upon whichVivaldi's Women is based, Micky White's Antonio Vivaldi: A Life in Documents, is now available for purchase. The group will go on a book tour of England, I'll join them later this year in Venice.


September 2010

I have just made a big change in my life, a bit scary and a bit sad, but very positive and optimistic. I'm going to embrace my performance career -- singing, acting and modelling, as well as being a diversity activist -- full time. I'm really looking forward to the future, so many amazing things have come my way in the last 6 months... onwards and upwards!

I am also now officially a Founder and Producer at HIDden Theatre!

HIDden Theatre

August 2010

The Head of Programming at the British Museum was so impressed with our performance in the York Mystery Plays, we have been invited to present Medieval Christmas dramas at the prestigious museum this December! Our new historical theatre troupe, HIDden Theatre, has asked my company Trinacria Productions to produce the event. I will also star in the plays as an actress! This is very exciting, and gratifying to know all our hard work in the mystery plays paid off.