An experienced writer, educator and public speaker, Ms. Fatta has been published across many formats and media, such as magazine articles, poetry, academic journals, blogs, fashion reviews, academic conferences and panel discussions. While Suzanne specializes in musical performance of the 16th - 18th centuries, her other research and teaching fields include Medieval History (in which she hold a Harvard MA), Gender Studies, Ethnomusicology, Ritual Studies, 20th/ 21st century Music, and Buddhism. Likewise, her teaching and performance interests range from the Medieval to the Baroque era, 21st century new music and folk musics of the world. From time to time she teaches university classes, and works as a freelance editor. In England, she was the Student Representative for the Royal Musical Association.


  • Post Graduate Studies, University of York, UK: Historical Performance Practice (Voice)

  • Doctoral Studies, Eastman School of Music; University of Rochester: Musicology (Vocal Performance)

  • MTS, Harvard University, 2001; The Divinity School: Religion, Medieval Studies

  • BA, Oberlin College & Conservatory of Music, 1998; dual major Musicology, hons (Vocal Performance), and Religion


My Commissioned Open Letter for Yahoo

My Commissioned Open Letter for Yahoo



    OPERA America National Opera Week Lecture-Recitals for OperaBuffs of WNY:

  • 2018; It Ain't Over Till The Fat Lady Slims: Critical and theoretical musings on the mysterious interplay of body shape, size, weight and ethnicity on operatic fach and range. or What if there’s no fat lady?! The recent trend of critical fat shaming in opera.

  • 2016; Opera Liberata: Uncovering, Rediscovering and Reconstructing Lost Operas.

  • 2015; Behind The Last Door: An Inside look at Bartok’s 'Bluebeard’s Castle.'

  • 2014; Wayward Sisters: Witches, Sorceresses and Gypsies in Opera.

  • 2013; The Early (Pre)History of Opera.

  • 2012; Angels of Loveliness I & II: Low Female Voices in Opera.

  • March 2015; Forest Lawn Cemetery Sunday Lecture Series: Paralyzing the Boys: The 7 Singing Sutherland Sisters.

  • April 2013; OperaBuffs of WNY, and The Erwin H. Johnson Memorial Fund: A Musical Journey through the Mediterranean: Expressions of Sicilian and Southern Italian Identity in Opera.


  • 2010 - present; voice studio and pedagogy focused on female Tenors and Basses

  • 2009 - 10; Teaching Assistant, University of York (UK) Music Department, Introduction to the Fundamentals of Music: Writing About Music

  • 2009; Mentor/ Coach, Vivaldi's Women Summer School; Bass section leader, rehearsal director, vocal coach

  • 2008 - 09; Tutorial Assistant/ Writing Tutor/ Dyslexia Tutor, Univertsity of York Music Department

  • 2006 - 07; Adjunct Professor, Canisius College, Buffalo, NY: Fine Arts/ Music Department, Sacred Musics of the World; Religion Department, Zen and the Meditative Tradition

  • 2002; Teaching Fellow, Harvard Music Department, Core Course, Music of the Swing Era, under Prof. Robert Levin * Recipient of the Bok Center Teaching Award of Distinction

  • 2001; Teaching Assistant, Harvard Music Department, Core Course, Soundscapes, under Prof. Kay Shelemay

  • 1994 - 96; Teaching Assistant / Tutor, Oberlin Conservatory of Music; Introduction to Music History 101 and 100, under Prof. Sylvan Suskin; Music of the Baroque Era, under Prof. Steven Plank

  • 1993 - 5, 99; Music Instructor and Camp Counselor, Camp Encore/ Coda; Sweden, ME; taught private voice lessons; vocal performance classes; vocal chamber groups and jazz choir; introductory music history; all levels of music theory


  • April 2017; Honorary Hostess, International Day Day celebration; JazzBuffalo; PAUSA Art House

  • May 2016; Panel Moderator, Nickel City Opera Behind The Curtain Lecture; The Buffalo History Museum

  • 2014 - 2017; Hostess and MC, Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions, Buffalo/ Toronto District

  • 2010; Chair Panel, York PostGraduate Student Royal Musical Association Conference: Ownership of the Musical Work?: Whose Music Is It Anyway? with Gavin Bryars


  • 2008 - 10; Peer Reviewer, academic interdisciplinary journal e-pisteme, University of Newcastle

  • 2003 - 04; Research Assistant, Prof. Kim Kowalke, Musicology chair at Eastman; projects on music and Nazism, Kurt Weil

  • 2002; Website Designer and Research Assistant, Prof. Kay Kaufman Shelemay, Harvard Music Department chair, for the class Soundscapes

  • 2000 - 02; Research, Editorial, Copy and Personal Assistant, Prof. Shelemay, for her textbook Soundscapes

  • 1998 - 99; Translator and Researcher, independent project, Prof. Shelemay, “Italian Cultural Expression in Colonial Ethiopia”

  • 1998; Research Assistant; Oberlin Conservatory Musicology Department, Oberlin History Department

  • 1997 - 98; Research Assistant, Prof. L Michael White, Oberlin Religion Department, PBS/ Frontline documentary From Jesus to Christ


  • Italian; fluent: Corso Avvanzato, private translation lessons, Scuola Babilonia, Taormina Sicily; Certificato Avvanzato, Centro Studi Italiani, Istituto Dante Alighieri, Urbania Italy

  • Spanish; intermediate/ advanced: Harvard Master exams

  • French; intermediate/ advanced: ISS, Aix-en-Provence France

  • German; intermediate

  • Latin; intermediate


  • 2008 - 10; York University Overseas Student Special Award Scholarship

  • 2008, summer; Cambridge Early Music Summer School Scholarship

  • 2007 - 09; University of York Music department Roslyn Lyons Masters Scholarship, Overseas Student Minor Scholarship

  • 2003, spring; Harvard Bok Center Graduate Writing Fellow, Writing Across the Curriculum

  • 2000, summer; Fellow, the Annual Franciscan Studies Conference, Assisi, Italy