The Clerkes of All Saints

November 2010

I have been asked to join a new choir founded in York called The Clerkes of All Saints, as a Tenor (of course!). I'm also starting to do a lot of subbing/ repping (singing as a ringer) locally, which I'm very much enjoying. But most exciting? I have been chosen as a Model and Presenter for the Evolve Magazine Launch party in London on December 18th! Evolve Magazine is the UK's top fashion and style magazine created for the fuller figured fabulous woman.

National Railway Museum

February 2010

"Unter dem Zug zu singen." At the Hall of Harmonies concert on 27 February at The National Railway Museum, I will sing the Tenor solo "Nigra sum" from Monteverdi's Vespers of 1610, with a Javanese gamelan accompaniment, from underneath an old train! The text, taken from The Songs of Songs, is clearly in a female's voice, but Monteverdi chose to set it for a Tenor. We are seeing what happens when a female Tenor sings the beautiful aria. See the Calendar for more information.