The City As Music

September 2009

On Sunday 20 September at 7pm, Sky Arts TV airs the third of four episodes of the series Peter Ackroyd's Veniceentitled "The City As Music" -- SPAV has provided the music, visuals and subject matter for this episode. Learn more about Vivaldi's Venice as demonstrated by SPAV. Our first DVD, made with footage from the documentary, will be available for purchase before Christmas 2009; this new performance of Vivaldi's Gloria will be broadcast by Sky Arts on Wednesday 23 September at 5.30.


July 2009

SPAV's performance at the famous Chichester Festivities gained an excellent review in the Chichester press, as the most outstanding concert of the festival! "...Their period costumes make them look very authentic. The women cover the full traditional vocal range, soprano, alto, tenor and bass producing a beautiful combination of sounds. Their musicianship has great clarity and balance. They sang the famous Gloria with emphatic joy from the very first chords." Read more here. And we also got a great review from the Newbury press for the Hungerford concert, which was described as "a privilege and a delight... singular and beautiful... faultless... marvellous." The review is called Baroque's Glorious Girlpower and says, "Then came the highlight of the evening, the popular 'Gloria' performed as never before, energetic and with dynamic contrast in every line..." with special praise for the power of the Tenors and Basses.

Summer Baroque Vocal Course

May 2009

Schola Pietatis Antonio Vivaldi ("Vivaldi's Women") announces their Summer Baroque Vocal Course 2009: Discover Your Voice, Monday 24 to Wednesday 26 August, at The Friends Meeting House in Oxford. Are you an undiscovered female tenor or bass? Or a soprano or contralto who would like to develop your technique? Would you like to sing baroque music with more style and flare? This three day course is open to amateur female singers of all ages and will culminate in a performance of Vivaldi's spectacular Dixit DominusGloria, and other works. The course will offer participants the opportunity to: learn more about the history of Vivaldi's all-female choir (which included female tenors and basses) and orchestra at Venice's Ospedale della Pietà; explore the vocal techniques and training methods which give Vivaldi's Women their distinctive sound; explore your voice and vocal range, particularly the lower range; enjoy one-to-one tuition on Baroque vocal technique and style; and sing alongside mentors from the Vivaldi's Women. Men are welcome to attend as observers at the concessionary rate. To find out more about the course, and to Register, please go to the SPAV website.