Recording and Workshop next week

June 2011

I'm finally going into the studio to record a proper performance DVD of Emily Kalies' noitcelfeRReflection next week. At the world-premiere the audio and video both died halfway through; then we performed it an a academic conference so we couldn't film; then it was meant to be recorded with a brand-new film backing in Dublin, but I was unable at attend due to a health crises; and finally a snow storm prevented another chance. So the 5th time must be the charm! 

Also, I was just invited to sing as a Tenor in a workshop at the Uni Music Department next week on Alessandro Striggio's astounding Mass in 40 parts (1566) lead by Robert Hollingworth of I Fagiolini. I've had the great pleasure of working with Robert before as a singer and scholar (he advised my PhD dissertation, and actually started me on my path as a female Baritone). 

And in weirder news, I hit a low F# the other day! Yep, you read that right -- the one at the bottom of the bass stave.