Photo Shoot

Photoshoots galore

May 2015

Lots of modeling gigs have come in for June, I'll be shooty shoot shooting a lot this summer! First is a week in NYC: I've been selected to test shoot with Michelle Alexandra Photography, one of the very top photographers in North America. We'll also be shooting me in looks by designer Serita Bell, which will go into her lookbook. Then I model for Serita Bell on the Curves at Sea All White Cruise during Full Figured Fashion Week NYC 2015 - I'll be rocking one of her garments for the press on the VIP cruise through NY harbor! Next, MODAL Productions and myself as a model are being featured on the cover of Queen Size Magazine!

In Buffalo early June, I'm shooting again for Rack Plus Magazine in their All-Stars issue! Superstar designer Dede Allure is providing all the garments, wait till you see the creative brief... Finally in July, I'm shooting a feature for Gorgeous Freaks Magazine with my pal Julie C Foser.