Celebrating Curves ~ Inside Pulp'Fashion Week international documentary

November 2014

After a screening Press Day in Paris at Pulp Up The Show! organised by Histoires de Courbes, the documentary Celebrating Curves ~ Inside Pulp'Fashion Week is now out! Documenting the first 2 editions of Pulp'Fashion Week Paris, which took the plus world by storm, it is directed by Fred Ambroisine & Aurélie Palomita. I'm featured very prominently in the film and all the press: My interviews are at 1:15, 2:10, 7:40, 9:25, 11:40, 17:05, 19:45, 21:25, 31:00, 38:55, 39:45 and 41:20 (with lots of catwalk footage 33' - 38'). Watch it here