Neil Finn article!

Boy oh boy am I excited about this one... while I'm proud to be professionally published across a number of media, I am most psyched about my article in the Neil Finn fan book We Got You! Entitled "Suzanne's Dream Come True: A Love Story," it describes the greatest night of my life, when I got to go onstage and sing with Neil at Bush Hall London in early 2010. Available for purchase on Amazon!


"I came down off the stage in such a great high mood, although I did notice that while Julia got a hug and Steve got a handshake, I did not get to touch him. Maybe some day… "

So here's a pretty cool addendum to the article, which I wrote/ submitted a number of years ago. I saw Neil at Town Hall in NYC a few years after that, and he met with a very small group of fans afterwards. Not only did he *recognize* me, he put his arm around me!!! It's even sweeter than getting that onstage hug back in London woulda been! See the hug above.
Some day, indeed.